France gets rid of medical questionnaires, inspired by Crédit Mutuel

Medical questionnaire

On June 1 (2022), French insurers will no longer be allowed to ask their customers to fill in medical questionnaires when applying for a loan.

This measure was approved by the French Parliament in an effort to curb discrimination against cancer survivors, and as part of the right to be forgotten.

It is largely inspired by an already existing practice used by Crédit Mutuel (and CIC), the 3rd largest bank in France, which parted with these questionnaires in November 2021, as a reward for their loyal customers. This decision, as explained by CEO Nicolas Théry, was justified by the bank’s desire to support equal access to ownership to all and to rely on risk solidarity rather than making the most vulnerable pay more.  


Crédit Mutuel, however, continues to offer additional benefits compared to what the law prescribes. For their customers, they offer loans up to 500,000€ (compared to 200,000€ according to the law). This measure is applicable to all new loans up to the age of 62, while the law applies to loans that will run up to the 61st birthday of the loan taker. This applies to loans for the purchase of main residences only.