Spanish Prime Minister promises legislation against discrimination of cancer survivors

During a meeting with cancer patient organisations on May 13th, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez pledged to fast-track the adoption of a piece of legislation so that cancer survivors no longer have to face discrimination when contracting a loan or insurance. 

The Prime Minister announced that the legislation would benefit cancer survivors who have completed their treatment five years before the date of signing the contract, and who have not shown any sign of relapse. This mirrors the legislation in France (and in Belgium as of 2025), and echoes the medical perspective which considers that cancer survivors show very little risk after 5 years with no new signs of cancer. 

This should become a reality by the summer. 

This development comes as a reaction to patient organisations’ requests, as well as the recent demand formulated by Congress. The European Union also requests that legislation enshrining the right to be forgotten for cancer survivors be implemented by all Member States by 2025.